Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Recent Insitutional Purchases

Recent notable institutional stock buys:


Brocade Communications (BRCD):

Fidelity established a brand new position reported on July 31st.  They purchased 46,583,030 shares which represents 10.11% of the shares held.

A big deal was made about Elliott Management Corp redeeming 11,673,634 shares reported on September 19th.  However, they still own 27,126,366 shares or 5.91% of all shares held.  Chalk this one up to profit taking.


Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ONXX):

Fidelity established a new position of 4,638,408 or 7.13% of shares held reported on August 31st.  Also reported on August 31st, Pyramis Global Advisors established a new position 2,049,692 shares or 3.15% of shares held.


Navigant Consulting (NCI):

Reported on August 31st, Columbia Wagner Asset Management increased their shares to 3,791,200 or 7.35% of shares held.


Adtran Inc. (ADTN):

Two newly established positions were reported on August 31st.  The first was by Fidelity.  I refer to this as a new position because they increased their shares owned from 185,733 to 4,727,181, which represents 7.47% of shares held.  Pyramis Global Advisors established a brand new position totaling 2,691,103 or 4.25% of shares held.


Ctrip.com International (CTRP):

Reported on July 18th, Brookside Capital Trading Fund established a new position by purchasing 7,206,509 or 5.19% of shares held.


Navistar International (NAV):

Navistar has seemed to catch the eye of quite a few institutions over the last few months.  Reported on July 9th, Seemore Advisors purchased 914,163 additional shares, which increased their stake to 14.95% of shares held.  Reported on September 10th, Icahn increased his ownership stake to 14.94%.  Reported on July 30th, GAMCO (Gabelli) Investors increased their stake to 5.50%.


Rovi Corp (ROVI):

Glenview Capital Management established a brand new position of 7,866,100 shares, or 7.09% of shares held.  This was reported on July 18th.


Strayer Education (STRA):

Reported on July 31st, T. Rowe Price established a new position representing 14.19% of shares held, or 1,685,348 shares.


Vera Bradley Inc. (VRA):

SAC Capital Advisors established a new position of 1,953,900 shares or 4.82% of shares held.  This was reported on September 6th.


Disclosure:  I am long shares of BRCD, ONXX and NCI


Jon R. Orcutt, founder of Allocation For Life, is an asset allocation strategist and author of “Master the Markets with Mutual Funds: A Common Sense Guide To Investing Success”; Manager/Creator of the AFL Model Portfolios available for members of Allocation For Life in self-directed accounts at Folio Investing