Friday, November 23, 2012

Week Ending 11/23/12 S&P 500, Asset Class & Sector Performance

Santa Claus rally?  Optimism about a solution to avoid the Fiscal Cliff?  Who knows, but I'll take it and I'll take the 4.38% move in shares of XLY this week.  See:

S&P 500 Index 3.66%
Asset Classes Sectors
Domestic Large Cap Value 3.46% Technology 4.25%
Domestic Mid Cap Value 3.43% Consumer Discretionary 4.11%
Domestic Small Cap Value 3.84% Financials 3.55%
Foreign Large Cap Value 4.45% Telecom 3.86%
Foreign Small/Mid Value 3.45% Industrials 3.96%
Domestic Large Cap Growth 3.88% Utilities 0.77%
Domestic Mid Cap Growth 3.58% Natural Resources 3.95%
Domestic Small Cap Growth 3.69% Real Estate 2.42%
Foreign Large Cap Growth 4.16% Health Care 3.52%
Diversified Emerg Markets 2.46% Energy 3.43%
Gold & Precious Metals Equities 4.61% Consumer Staples 4.14%
Real Estate 2.42%
Broad-Basket Commodities 2.29%
Europe Stock 4.84%
China Region 3.32%
Japan Stock 2.56%
Latin America Stock 2.68%

Jon R. Orcutt is the founder of Allocation For Life, Author of The Allocation For Life Investment Newsletter, Author of "Master The Markets With Mutual Funds: A Common Sense Guide To Investing Success" and manager/creator of the AFL Models available to Allocation For Life subscribers at Folio Investing.