Saturday, January 19, 2013

Week Ending 1/18/13 S&P 500, Asset Class & Sector Performance

S&P 500 Index Total Return 0.96%
Asset Classes Sectors
Domestic Large Cap Value 1.19% Technology 0.08%
Domestic Mid Cap Value 1.68% Consumer Discretionary 1.84%
Domestic Small Cap Value 1.36% Financials 0.67%
Foreign Large Cap Value 0.16% Telecom -0.08%
Foreign Small/Mid Value 0.56% Industrials 1.42%
Domestic Large Cap Growth 0.55% Utilities 0.89%
Domestic Mid Cap Growth 1.29% Natural Resources 1.02%
Domestic Small Cap Growth 1.46% Real Estate 1.09%
Foreign Large Cap Growth 0.48% Health Care 1.00%
Diversified Emerg Markets 0.72% Energy 1.63%
Gold & Precious Metals Equities -0.47% Consumer Staples 1.71%
Real Estate 1.09%
Broad-Basket Commodities 1.71%
Europe Stock 0.35%
China Region 0.97%
Japan Stock 0.61%
Latin America Stock 0.86%

Please look for my monthly historical sector analysis post that I will be releasing next week.  As always the returns for my AFL Cyclical Sector Folio as well as all of my other models are updated daily here

We have also added a new "Frequently Asled Question's" page to the company website.  This should help you understand the benefitts offered to Allocation for Life Investment Newsletter subscribers.

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